Expedited international shipping

Expedited international shipping has emerged as a modern trend, as consumers all around the world require their goods and products to be delivered as quickly, safely and conveniently as possible.  Of course, just like any industry, whether it’s airline travel, luxury cars, or a hotel – consumers are willing to spend more for peace of mind.  Of course, this would translate to a high-profile client receiving luxury antiques or art from another country.  Who wouldn’t want to ensure that their purchase was insured and safely delivered?

Expedited international shipping, of course, has evolved to meet consumer demand – and as a result – means big money for shipping services.  Whether you are the US Postal Service or DHL; there is clearly a profit to be made by offering an option for an expedited delivery.

Expedited international shipping also is an interesting industry for another reason.  It is an industry that is subject to all sorts of socio-political circumstances.  We all know that trade is often a sensitive subject when it comes to international relations.  In 2009; China and the US made headlines by imposing tax tariffs on meat and automotive products, and tires, respectively.  Obviously, what seems as a meaningless spat clearly can boil over to something bigger, as tariffs can affect deficits, that affect the global economy.  It isn’t limited to just China and the US, either.  In 2014; Mexican cartels began extorting lime farmers – which caused the prices of limes to increase globally.  Therefore, as you can imagine, shipping is an extremely sensitive economic indicator when it comes to two specific countries.

Expedited international shipping also is subject to tension between certain countries.  Obviously, when a suspicious package is intercepted by agencies, one of the first things that the agency is going to consider is what country the package is coming from.  This obviously works both ways – as with anything, not all packages are suspicious.  There are many instances where packages that are actually harmless are flagged, slowing shipping, while, unfortunately, harmful packages slip through the cracks.  However, if you are a shipping company in a country that is clearly isolating itself geopolitically; it isn’t a stretch to consider that your business might be in jeopardy.  Therefore, the industry is much more susceptible to the political climate than most.

Expedited international shipping has many uses – whether it has to do with global nonprofits, or a high-end art purchase.  It is clear that it is more catered to the upscale client than the “everyman”, but of course, plays an important role in industries, whether it is oil or food being transported.  Also, with the world being more connected globally than ever; expedited international shipping will only become more important in the future.

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