Guide to Authentic Craftsman Door and Window Design

Certain features are the hallmarks of craftsman designs. If you must maintain the specifications of craftsman homes, you must pay attention to the peculiar characteristics that differentiate them from conventional homes. The doors and windows used in craftsman homes form integral parts of their uniqueness. Here are quick tips to guide you on how to make the best choice of craftsman doors and windows.

Rule of Three

the starting point for getting it right with Craftsman design is acknowledging that having a good sense of symmetrical alignment is Important. Once you have this acumen, you can deploy it into using well aligned simple straight lines to make creative designs on windows. Every genuine craftsman window would have part of their whole part divided into three vertical symmetrical portions.

In those models, you would find the center section of the window measuring more in dimension than the other two sides. For making craftsmen designs on windows of larger rooms, It may be more expedient to have a window made up of five cased portions, as a general rule, the size of the room determines the dimension of the window.

Traditional craft men design are no different with Doors; the same principle of 3 line symmetry works. If you are faced with the task of designing a door with a window embedded in it, it’s easier to go with a design that has three small windows cased together.

Real Wood

The very emblem of craftsman design is wood. The good thing is that with the diverse hardwoods available out there, you can’t have them in short supply. However, there is also the place of knowing where to use what. This is an essential skill you must also master to produce crafts of the best quality. It is recommended that wood trims, frames, sashes, and grilles remain the best materials for windows, doors and main floor trims; these materials are by-products of traditional hardwoods like Mahogany, walnut, and white oak.

Another peculiar nature of craftsman design is the appreciation and recognition of the raw, unadulterated finesse of wood. In your crafts, the grain of wood should be made obvious. Avoid stains that conceal the natural beauty of fine wood as this conveys the central theme of craft design, which is the beauty of nature.

If you really want to keep or restore the natural look of craftsman home, ensure that everything from the windows to the doors is made of natural beautiful looking wood.

All your fears about wooden doors’ resistance to water, insects, and energy efficiency have been allayed with advancement in wood treatment technology. Premium quality woods are now come with better insulation and weatherproof ability equal to that of steel or fiberglass doors. So get the best wooden doors and colorfully restore your Craftsman home.

Divided and Stained Windows

The most common window patterns for craftsman home designs are double or single hung windows. Windows are divided into two sections, the top section, and the lower section. Many windows feature divided vertical grilles in their top section and a glass pane in their lower section.

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