How to Caulk a Window Yourself

Basically, every homeowner wants to keep the indoor inside and outdoors outside. Every home, regardless of whether you have new or old windows installed, can experience air leaks which for the most part add up to the cost of energy bills. Not only that, the air leaks can also make your home less comfortable for you and your family members, hence the reason why you need window caulking. To this effect, it is best to know how to caulk a window yourself. This way, you will save more. Prior to caulking your windows, there are some tips to consider. These include

Choose the appropriate caulk

The first step is to buy the correct caulk. Basically, there are two types of caulk used for caulking windows – latex and silicone. Latex can be applied easily and removed easily when the time comes. Unfortunately, it does not last long and requires replacing it frequently. Conversely, silicone is the more common material used in the homes for widow caulking these days. This material is not only flexible but can also withstand extreme elements. The problem of replacing it frequently is no more since silicone are durable and long lasting.

Consider the weather

Now that you’ve chosen the best material for window caulking, the next step is to consider the weather conditions. Even if you caulk your windows properly and without any flaws, and the weather is not favorable, your caulking job will be as good as useless regardless of how well you apply it. Choose a day where the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot. Simply put, choose a relatively dry day for window caulking. Humid conditions will not work in your favor since the wetness will not allow it stick properly. If the weather forecast predicts rain or snow, leave window caulking for another day.

Prep your window

Now that you know the perfect weather for window caulking, the next step is to prep the window area before application. Preparation is key in achieving the best possible result. Remember, not to caulk over old caulk. Scrap off the old caulk using a razor blade or putty knife. Clean the surface thoroughly using soap and water and leave it to dry. Once it’s completely dry, clean the area with a neat dry cloth.

Apply the Caulk

After cleaning the window surface, it is time to apply the caulk. Most caulk cartridges come with markings on the nozzle that correspond to different bead or caulk line sizes. Caulk is mostly applied using caulk guns which are available in any hardware store. First, apply the caulk in the window area which is not noticeable in case you mess up. Upon getting to the areas that are more noticeable, then you would have mastered the skills to an extent.

There you have it – how to caulk your window. Sadly, most homeowners can caulk their windows due to their busy schedules. If you are one of them, then it is best to leave it to a professional. by so doing, your job will be professionally done.

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